General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Last updated 09.03.2022

1. General

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable between Luups AS (hereinafter referred to as “The Supplier”) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “The Customer”), and regulate the use of Luups AS’ services (hereinafter referred to as “The Service”).

The Customer and The Supplier are jointly referred to as “The Parties” and the contractual relationship between them as “The Agreement”.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid as long as The Customer uses The Service.

2. Licence Rights

The Customer receives a temporary, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use The Service under The Agreement.

The Customer shall be free to use all video and image contributions, including any accompanying descriptions, that are made available to The Customer by the end users of The Service (hereinafter referred to as “The User”), also including commercial use.

All intellectual property rights to text, images, designs and other materials and accompanying information made available to The Customer by The Supplier, belong to The Supplier and any licensors involved with respect to The Service, and shall be considered the property of The Supplier at all times, also including all underlying program codes and source codes.

The Supplier reserves the right to immediately terminate The Agreement and The Customer’s access to The Service without prior notice, in the event that The Customer uses The Service to create content that reasonably can be interpreted as being offensive.

3. Payment

Provided that The Customer has not paid in advance, The Customer shall pay for The Service as stated in The Supplier’s invoice. The Customer shall under no circumstances be entitled to set off any claims or alleged claims against The Supplier with regards to any invoices relating to The Service.

In the event of overdue payment, The Supplier reserves the right to claim interests counting from the due date until correct payment has been received by The Supplier, according to the Norwegian Act relating to Interest on Overdue Payment (“Forsinkelsesrenteloven”).

The Supplier will make a price list available to The Customer.

4. Data Protection

The Supplier shall not access The Customer's user-generated video files or any other media files that are uploaded by The User or The Customer to The Service, unless otherwise is agreed in writing, e.g. as part of a trial period or pilot project.

As The Supplier has no relation to the uploaded media or the natural persons uploading the media, The Supplier acts on behalf of The Customer as a data processor, cf. GDPR Articles 28 and 4 no. 8.

The Supplier's Data Processor Terms are disclosed in Appendix 1.

The Supplier may be contacted at regarding any privacy related questions or concerns, and additional information regarding The Supplier’s processing of personal data is available here.

5. Liability

The Service may at times be completely or partially unavailable due to maintenance or other reasons.

Provided that The Customer incurs financial loss due to an error or defect of The Service, the Supplier's liability shall be confined to direct and documented losses incurred due to such faults or defects, and be upwards limited to The Customer’s total cost of the last 12 months of The Service.

The Supplier is not responsible for the Customer's use of The Service or any further use of the content created with or that can be linked to The Service.

The Customer shall indemnify The Supplier against all claims set forth by The User and other third parties against The Supplier, in relation to The Customer's use of The Service and The Customer's contractual relationship with The Supplier.

6. Choice of law and legal venue

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Norwegian law and Møre og Romsdal District Court is the chosen legal venue, cf. 4-6 of The Dispute Act (“Tvisteloven”).

7. Contact information

Chris-Håvard Berge, +47 473 24 204, or

Luups AS | 2023
Luups er ei teneste utvikla av Luups AS i Volda.

Luups AS | 2023
Luups er ei teneste utvikla av Luups AS i Volda.

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